Time For The Big Change



I was very glad they finally got it right. They changed “global warming” to “climate change,” now that makes some sense, as it gets cool to cold every winter, and warm to hot every summer. This is Mother Nature at work, man has very little or nothing to do with climate change.

I am very glad we got all this nonsense about global warming settled at last. This should make our leader very happy. Now he can eliminate this worthless EPA and save big bucks as well as a lot of political discord.

Drill baby, drill, it’s millions of shovel-ready jobs paying big and it will fill our government coffer with billions and billions of black gold bucks along with exporting, instead of importing billions of that black gold stuff.

Wake up, Obama, and get with it. You might even get a second term if they did this, as your present agenda won’t fly.

Ed Welge


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