Pswid Forces ‘Us & Them’



As a public entity whose intent was established to avoid public scrutiny, the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District (PSWID) is in for quite a ride. We (the majority) will not stand for your growing mistrust.

1) You’re charging disparate pricing to those who use less water vs. those who use more water. Who voted for that?

2) You’re buying up water rights without rebuilding infrastructure. Who’s paying for that?

3) If you deny you’re avoiding public scrutiny, why aren’t you under the tutelage and oversight of the Arizona Corporation Commission?

4) Why do you hold meetings during the week when the majority of people paying the bills can’t attend?

5) You’re not a steward of water conservation when you give away 3,000 gallons each month as a panacea to overcharging those who use less water. Why not charge the most to those who use the most?

6) You’re feeding the minority trolls who don’t have the guts to speak out in a public forum while they’re hiding behind Web sites badmouthing those who disagree with them (and pay the least water cost while consuming the most water). Who are these people and don’t they need to be responsible for their minority viewpoints in public?

If you want to be taken seriously, answer the questions. Be transparent to the consuming hamlets. Do the right thing or expect the unexpected at the polling booth and in the courtroom.

Michael Warren



None 5 years, 10 months ago

I only hope that more people with a viewpoint take action.

Sitting back and reading and talking behind closed doors is not going to create a change. Don't be overcome with apathy, but instead, get involved and make change happen.


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