Melting Snow And Warm Temps Causing Runoff And Mud



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The warmer daytime temperatures have resulted in a runoff from the snow melt in the upper Buckskin Canyon.

Snow that precipitated during last weekend resulted in this week’s melt and runoff in our area. The citizens who do not reside on asphalt roads or streets experienced saturation on their roads and very muddy conditions in the early to middle part of the week. The forecast for this weekend shows a slight chance for snow on Saturday.

The Heber Overgaard Fire District Board met on Tuesday Feb. 22, for their monthly meeting. On the list of topics was the 2011 budget proposal for the Heber Overgaard Fire District. Initiation of the budget proposed and was discussed.

It was decided that Fire Chief Rich Upham is to come up with a preliminary proposal to submit to the board for consideration. A Heber Overgaard Fire District Board workshop meeting to allow further work on such matters was proposed and agreed on. The first board’s workshop is scheduled for March 9, at 6 p.m. at the Heber Overgaard Fire station.

It is understood the public is welcome to attend in the audience, but public input and decision voting will be confined to the regular monthly fire district board meetings. Also on the agenda was concerning an update for the district’s bylaws. Board member Larry Dunagan submitted a preliminary draft to the other board members for consideration.

It was noted that there was duplication in the print off and Larry stated that this was just a rough draft and the next revision will be updated to omit the duplication and further discussion regarding this draft can be accomplished during the workshop that is scheduled.

Upham discussed the Friday, Feb. 4, 1,200-square-foot, two-story home fire at 1998 Concord in Overgaard. It was asked if the former residents had housing arrangements since there were children that lived at the home.

It was noted that the family had attained temporary housing. A call to the public was then called by Marilyn Hall. A resident then brought attention to the grievance process in regards to how it is processed by the fire department. It was requested that at the point where a resident is in the process of a grievance, that a third party mediator could be called upon to mediate between the two parties to come to an agreement that would satisfy both sides.

Marilyn Hall then said she made a note of this and would put it in a future agenda for further discussion.


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