More Crazy Things People Do While High On Drugs


On Dec. 22, 2010 in a St. Paul, Minn. neighborhood, a man high on meth saw a vehicle left running and decided to steal it, the only problem ... a baby was sitting inside. The suspect didn’t even realize the child was in the back seat until he’d driven six to nine blocks. The baby’s father stated he’d just run back into the house to get a coupon for Christmas shopping and was only gone a few seconds.

The 11-month-old boy was found about 90 minutes later sitting out in the cold facing a garbage can in an apartment complex parking area. The baby was wearing only a long sleeved shirt, vest and pants; but was discovered virtually unharmed by residents of the complex. The suspect told police he was afraid to leave the baby in the car for fear he wouldn’t be found in time.

The suspect also told police he was very high on meth at the time. He’d allegedly called a friend to sell him the vehicle but admitted there was a baby inside. The friend recognized the vehicle as one recently reported stolen and contacted authorities.

The suspect was just released from prison on Nov. 1 and already had a DOC warrant issued for failure to keep in contact. He is currently being held in the Ramsey County Jail charged with kidnapping and motor vehicle theft. One of his friends told the police he is a different person when he is sober.

In South Charleston, W.Va., police pulled over a suspected stolen vehicle. The suspect told the officer he’d used meth to purchase the car. He said he gave a woman 2 grams of meth for it. He was arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle, delivery of a controlled substance, operating a vehicle without a license, and grand larceny among other charges.

Another incident happened in Quakertown, Pa. just outside of Philly. A subject borrowed his girlfriend’s car to drive to the grocery store, but instead drove to Allentown (Remember the Billy Joel song from the ’80s?) to purchase crack cocaine. After getting high, he sold the car for more drugs. The girlfriend tried to reach her boyfriend by cell phone unsuccessfully several times after which she borrowed a friend’s car and went in search of him. What she found was her car being driven around by a group of teenagers. What she didn’t find was her boyfriend.

She spent several hours chasing the teens around Allentown but was never able to catch up with them. A few hours later she learned the car had been in an accident involving six other cars, a utility pole and a local residence.

Charges of theft and unauthorized use of a vehicle will be assessed after the investigation is complete, though at this time it is unclear just who will be charged.

On a lighter note, police in Bucaramanga, Columbia recently detained a carrier pigeon that was trying to fly into a local prison. There was 40 grams of marijuana and 5 grams of paste containing cocaine strapped to the bird’s back. The package was too heavy for the bird to fly up and clear the wall. The bird is currently in custody of the “environmental police.” Apparently it is routine for prisoners to train or work with carrier pigeons and use them to transport contraband such as money and Sims (cell phone) cards. Authorities are investigating to determine from where the bird’s flight might have originated.

And this is not the first time one of the avian species has been used for illegal purposes. Last year, also in Columbia, a parrot was trained as a lookout for drug traffickers/dealers. When police would arrive on scene of an alleged drug transaction the bird would yell “RUN.” It’s too bad that these people are on the wrong side of law enforcement and don’t use their ingenuity toward the betterment of mankind.


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