Contaminated Illegal Drugs Having Lethal Consequences


Drug addicts face fear every day — fear of getting caught, fear of overdosing, fear of many things. As if they don’t have enough troubles now they have to worry about getting contaminated drugs. Anyone using cocaine, marijuana or ecstasy needs to read this warning and pay attention to where they purchase their drugs.

Since early 2008, the DEA has been aware of contaminated cocaine. The agency estimates that 80 percent to 90 percent of cocaine coming into this country has been contaminated with levamisole, a drug veterinarians use to de-worm livestock (cows, pigs and sheep). Authorities are not sure why this particular chemical is being used, but speculate it stretches the amount of cocaine used in each buy and therefore increases profits to the dealer.

Since the drug user doesn’t know his/her purchase has been laced with anything unusual he/she is not aware of the medical issues involved. One of the most dangerous side effects of levamisole is a drop in the autoimmune system when the white blood cell count decreases. Death of the epidermis, also known as the outer layer of skin, may occur. In addition the chemical damages red blood cells and platelets. Anyone currently using cocaine as their drug of choice should be watching for purplish splotches on their cheeks, earlobes, legs, thighs or buttocks. Once cocaine usage stops, and levamisole vacates the body and most cases clear up.

Please help get this message out. If anyone reading this knows someone who is currently using cocaine, take time to warn them of the impending dangers associated with the drug.

Cocaine isn’t the only drug being polluted with contaminates. Marijuana is being laced with meth, heroine and sometimes cocaine. Authorities feel the reason for this may be that dealers hope the casual and younger marijuana smokers will become addicted to the more expensive drugs.

The pollution doesn’t end there either. Ecstasy is being tainted with a chemical called PMA. To date, at least three deaths have been attributed to the drug, which elevates body temperatures to well over 100 and causes internal bleeding resulting in burning up and bleeding out.

Researchers say that until recently contaminated drugs were never an issue in the United States but now feel as though more and more dealers may begin substituting less expensive but more dangerous chemicals in their product. However, they cannot pinpoint a specific reason why this is happening now.

The danger of being a drug user/abuser has escalated exponentially. Now might be a good time to consider kicking the habit.


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