Regarding Cell Phone Use In Schools



Destiny Charter School in Globe has banned electronic devices altogether with one exception — sports.

Students playing sports must turn their cell phones over to the coach, who returns them after play/practice so the kids can phone home.

It’s not so much that kids text, talk, watch, listen, record or play too much; it’s that other kids prey on them, “borrowing,” “jacking” or stealing an item and ditching it later.

Last year, a plugged-up toilet was caused by a ditched iPod.

This fall one student was caught playing porn movies to other kids in the back of a school bus.

The disruption portable electronic devices cause is so huge that cell phones, iPads, iPods, droids, gamers and the like are no longer allowed on campus. When a device is found, it is confiscated, the parents are notified and must retrieve it in person from the school office.

Ted Thayer


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