Sv Ponders Buying Strip Club Location


It’s not every day a town council weighs buying a cabaret.

However, since Star Valley incorporated five years ago, the town council has dreamed of the day they would see Pete’s Place pack up its poles and disappear.

On Tuesday, the council will discuss the possibility of purchasing the topless bar, at 255823 E. Highway 260, at a trustee sale Jan. 21 on the Gila County Courthouse steps in Globe.

Many councilors and residents, including Town Manager/Attorney Tim Grier, consider the bar a “nuisance.” The bar sits across the street from a church and does not fit the image of the town, Grier said.

“The town would love to interrupt its use,” Grier said. “This is an imaginative way for a town to get rid of a nuisance.”

The club was grandfathered in when the town incorporated in 2005. Cabaret owner Joseph H. Soldevere did not return requests for comment. Soldevere’s father, Joseph Soldevere Sr., said his son wants to keep the club.

According to a legal notice, Soldevere took a $293,000 loan from Summit Bank in Prescott Valley on the building.

Now the club is in foreclosure. There is a possibility the trustee sale will not go through, but if it does, the town may decide to bid.

“Our worry is someone else may come in and buy it and continue operating it (as a cabaret),” Grier said.

While Grier does not know what the town would use the building for, he said there are several options.

The town could turn around and sell it or use it for some town function.

Councilor Vern Leis is looking into the cost of the building, liens and potential repairs, Grier said.

The town currently has $2.6 million in the bank, enough to purchase the property outright, however, if the council decides to bid on the property, there will likely be a cap, Grier said.

“There is always a limit on the price tag, no matter how much you want to get rid of the use,” he said.

It is up to the council to decide if it wants to spend taxpayer money to rid the town of a private enterprise.

While some residents find the establishment morally reprehensible, Grier admitted some residents might not.

“What we hear from an overwhelming amount of Star Valley residents is they don’t like that use,” he said.

“It doesn’t seem like an appropriate place for adult entertainment.”

To hear the council discussion, attend the 6:30 p.m. council meeting at the Lamplighter RV Park recreation room, 3933 E. Highway 260.


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