Communities Of Pine, Strawberry Still Digging Out

Digging out cars and trucks was high on the priority list for most people.

Digging out cars and trucks was high on the priority list for most people.


The local buzz is all about the incredible snowstorm that hit the state last Wednesday.

People continue to dig out and the freezing temperatures aren’t allowing the remaining snow and ice to melt. I think we’ve all been spoiled with the quick melts the past few years, but this snow might just be here to stay for awhile.

Ironically, with Cinch Hook closed, impromptu sled hills are cropping up all over the place, including the hill next to Walmart, a spot right outside of Payson on Highway 87 and my personal favorite, the giant “hill” on the road leading to the dump that was created by the road crew last summer. I always wondered why they made that huge man-made mountain, but now I know!


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The trampoline was in danger of bursting by Thursday morning.

We were happy to only lose power for 23 hours this storm, compared to the three-day odyssey last year.

Actually, it is amazing that most people I’ve talked with fared pretty well in spite of the extreme conditions — mostly due to the generosity of neighbors and friends. Several local heroes spent long days plowing various side streets and driveways so folks could get to work and various appointments.

Of course at some point all this snow will melt and I suspect that will create a whole other set of problems — but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I hope you had a great Christmas — it’s hard to believe we are stepping in to 2011! Most businesses have resumed their regular schedules, the kids are back in school and the days are getting (slowly but surely) longer.

The key words for the week are stay warm, watch out for black ice, and be safe whether walking or driving.


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