Epa Overstepping Its Boundaries



The EPA recently made news (“EPA to enforce greenhouse gas rules in Arizona — Jan. 3) by stating that they would be enforcing greenhouse gas rules in Arizona since our state refused to submit its own plan.

Arizona government may be all kinds of wrong, but in this instance, I believe they are right. The EPA is completely overstepping their legal boundaries by picking off states that have limited funds and imposing their authority. This is much more complex than simply having a state vs. federal body regulating greenhouse gasses.

This is about the EPA imposing regulatory laws on small businesses, creating bureaucratic nightmares for state governments, and generally acting like a bull in a china shop. President Obama has said himself that he would like to see this type of action solved through an energy bill in Congress, not a regulative body like EPA. Maybe this will jump-start that process, but in the meantime, I think Arizona deserves credit for standing strong on behalf of the local businesses that would be effected.

Troy Hyde


Melissa Durbin 6 years ago

I agree, they already have the clean air act! New buzz words for same reworded laws. What’s the difference, Environmentally friendly and now green! I think I’m turning blue…. is my orange organic... or is it just a orange. Sorry to much info overload these day's and wishing I had only 5 channels to choose from.


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