Time For A New Plan



This last storm has proven that a change in the way traffic on Highway 260 is monitored needs to be implemented. As it is now and for as long as I can remember, DPS and Gila County SO stop traffic on Highway 260 in front of the Ford dealership.

This causes a huge traffic jam all the way back to Moonlight Drive, blocking both lanes, forcing locals to drive through the median where all the snow gets pushed. Out of town drivers totally ignore the “Road closed to Heber” sign and block the road. The residents of Diamond Point Shadows and Lions Spring have to endure long delays waiting to get through. Are the drivers that ignore the signs ever cited for disobeying? They issue citations for drivers that ignore signs of flooded crossings don’t they?

My suggestion to the Star Valley Town Council is this — Have DPS and the SO move their checkpoint to the east side of town where the highway becomes divided. Traffic can be easily turned around and sent back to Star Valley or Payson. Locals have access to their homes and the steakhouse without the hassle of dealing with the pinhead drivers who disobey signs and cause us grief. It’s a simple plan and does not make it any more difficult for our law enforcement to function.

Let’s get something going before the next storm hits.

Randy J. Wilcox


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