Town Needs To Pick Up The Snow



Why, oh, why does the snowplow have to pile up all the snow in front of my house that is on the street (Alpine Heights) on the concrete private end of my driveway?

I don’t have a problem shoveling the snow on my drive until I get to where 2-3 feet of ice from the plow have been deposited on my drive. I can’t remove the snow due to the ice and I am blocked in from getting my car out due to the mess the plow left.

I have to take a crowbar to the mess and still I can’t get it to break up. It’s only the west side of the street that the plow deposits the street snow and ice on. It would be nice if a truck came with the plow and the ice could be put in the truck instead of on my drive.

Sara M Rittenhouse


Sheryl Martinez 6 years ago

I have the same problem on Rancho Road...I live on the dead end and I can't get out of my driveway because the plows seem to think they only need to plow just toward the end...I pay my taxes too!


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