Amnesty International Does Not Defend Rights Of The Unborn



Amnesty International/Payson recently wrote to the Roundup, Jan. 4, thanking all the people and Christian churches who took part in its letter writing campaign to “save a life.”

While A.I. has done an admirable job of protecting “the rights of all people to live free from violence” they no longer extend this right to the most innocent and defenseless of our brothers and sisters, the unborn.

At its biennial conference in Mexico City, August 2007, A.I. bowed to the pressure of the worldwide abortion lobby and approved a new policy in support of “abortion rights” thereby betraying its mission, undermining its long standing credibility and violating the most fundamental right of all people, the right to live, be born and not be violently killed.

Those people and Christian churches who sincerely believe in our God-given right to life should write another letter, this time to A.I. demanding that it reverse its anti-life policy in order to regain the respect and support it once so richly deserved.

Please write to: Amnesty International, 5 Penn Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10001.

Carol Suhr


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