Town Should Buy Strip Club Property



I am having difficulty with your editorial declaring that our city council wants by buy a strip club. No, they are buying a business property that is in bankruptcy. I want to praise our council for their integrity in wanting to end a “grandfather” situation that defrauds women and men. I would think you would rejoice instead of criticize that kind of business being removed from our community. I know I personally am thankful to our council.

Roberta Lyons


Dan Haapala 6 years ago

Star Valley needs a city center and what better place then Pete's. I doesn't matter what is has been, what's important is what it becomes. citizen access, room for expansion, and a center of public activity. what could be better? The town will not continue the bar obviously, The building can be divided into to town department compartments. And the arena property could be the towns first park. This has to be a win win for Star Valley. Don't let it slip away.


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