New Dentist Buys Frontier Dental Arts


With drills that shrill and needles that nick — most of us would rather do anything than visit the dentist. A new local practitioner, however, is aiming to change all that.


Alexis Bechman/Roundup

Ryan Diquattro

Ryan Diquattro recently bought Frontier Dental Arts from William Blackmore and is already implementing new technologies that not only make it more comfortable to visit the dentist, but also more effective.

From the high-tech with digital X-rays, laser dentistry and 3-D imaging to overhead televisions, patients are not only more at ease for procedures, but assured that they are getting the best, Diquattro said.

Diquattro, who recently graduated from dental school, said technology has allowed him to give patients new smiles minus the pain.

One woman, who had lived with a tumor on her mouth for 30 years, finally got it removed by Diquattro even though other dentists had said it could never be taken off.

Using a laser, Diquattro said he removed the tumor virtually painlessly and “she was just thrilled.”

Laser dentistry involves using an intense beam of light for variety of procedures, including tumor removal, reshaping gums, fillings, whitening and biopsies.

Since a laser causes less damage to surrounding tissue, discomfort is minimal.

Diquattro said his goal as a dentist to give the best quality work using the best quality products. Along with this, one of his passions is cosmetic dentistry.

“I love making sure it functions, but also looks good,” he said. “Making someone smile, that is why I became a dentist.”

On top of implementing the latest technologies, Frontier Dental Arts, 704 S. Meadow St., is also working to make a patient’s visit more relaxing. Chairs are being reupholstered and new monitors that also double as televisions are installed.


Alexis Bechman/Roundup

With displays mounted at each station, it is easy for Frontier Dental Arts owner/dentist Ryan Diquattro to show patients X-rays and even movies.

Diquattro admits his love of dentistry wasn’t innate. However, after watching his dad practice for 30 years in the Valley, he realized the field was right for him after all. Dentistry allows Diquattro the opportunity to help others and work with his hands — two things he had been looking for in a career.

“I had thought about being a firefighter or a physical therapist,” he said. “But then I got involved in dental technology” and realized dentistry is the best of both worlds.

After graduating with his undergraduate from ASU, Diquattro attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine. From there, he practiced in the Valley before deciding to move his family to Payson permanently. Diquattro purchased the Frontier practice from Dr. Blackmore, who is planning to retire in the next year.

As a new dentist in town, Diquattro said he wants people to know that “they will be treated with dignity, respect and like family in his office.”

Diquattro said he also believes in continuous education. Staff are encouraged to attend trainings and he has logged more than 100 hours in just the last year.

“I strongly believe that education doesn’t stop at school,” he said.

Diquattro is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Dental Association, American Dental Education Association and Arizona Dental Association.

For more information, call (928)474-5231 or visit


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