Arizona Corporation Commission Investigation Requested For Pine Rate Hike



Recently the PSWID board established a new rate structure. I know you were deeply involved in the PSWID water issue and also that you are an advocate of energy and resource conservation and so my reason for writing to you.

The new rate is now $36 per month and includes the first 3,000 gallons without charge.

My wife and I reside in Pine and have always been conservationists and reduce water consumption by using collected rain water, etc. Our average water consumption is 1,000 gallons per month living full time in our house.

Approximately 60 percent of the Pine residents are part time. With the incentive for conservation removed, the waste of one of our most precious resources will be colossal as will be the cost of producing that water.

What was wrong with the old system of charging for water consumed? The answer could be that no special interests were subsidized.

When PSWID assumed ownership of the system, we were told that rates would not change for two years. Now 18 months later we became aware of the change with the January bill. There was no notification of the change.

The new rate system is grossly unfair and flies in the face of conservation.

I request that the Corporation Commission investigate this situation in the interest of all Pine residents.

Fred Grove


Bernice Winandy 6 years ago

When the Pine/Strawberry community purchased the water companies, we were taken away from the jurisdiction of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Apparently, the Attorney General is the only place to file a complaint now.

We were given notice of the rate change. The rate change was supposed to be effective January 1, 2011. People are upset because the rate change was applied to water used in December, 2010.

Please keep yourself informed by attending PSWID meetings. There is one this Thursday at the PSWID office on Hardscrabble. You can also visit the PSWID website -- Also you can send an e-mail to and ask to be put on their mailing list.

Please keep yourself and your neighbors informed.


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