Bathroom Bandit Hits Payson Library


Forget BYOB (bring your own bottle), at the Payson Public Library, it is more like BYOTP — bring your own toilet paper.

Three weeks ago, library staff pulled all toilet paper and paper towel products from both the men’s and women’s restrooms after dozens and dozens of rolls were stolen.

Library Director Terry Morris said it got so bad that only a few hours after installing new rolls, they would vanish. Now library staff is left wondering who this bathroom bandit is.

“They were stealing five rolls of toilet paper a day,” she said, mainly from the women’s restroom. “Who in the world would steal that much toilet paper?”

Fed up with the theft, Morris elected to place baskets of toilet paper and paper towels at the front desk for anyone needing to use the facilities.

So far, Morris said no one has complained about the inconvenience, especially after they learn about the thefts.

No one at the library is sure when the paper products started disappearing, but eventually staff received a number of complaints from patrons.

“We would fill it and clean it and by 10 a.m. all the toilet paper all would be gone,” Morris said. “This happened six days of the week.

From the women’s five stalls, that equated to 30 rolls a week. The bathroom bandit struck the men’s restroom less frequently.

This week a library volunteer is working to secure the toilet paper holders so the rolls cannot be easily popped out.

Morris hopes with these modifications, the problem will be solved.

Morris added that after years of being the changing facility for Rumsey Park patrons, this is the first issue they have had and she does not think it has anything to do with park users.


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