Global Warming Facts Or Fiction



President Obama said, the science of global warming is “beyond dispute,” sea levels are rising, coastlines are shrinking, record droughts, spending famine, with stronger storms growing with each season.

Obama is repeating the words of that great Guru Goofy Gore who just made a public statement that ethanol is more of a pollutant than gasoline and should be removed as an energy source for autos, it’s a great smogger.

The recent enviro-meeting in Cancun was one big flop. The CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange) cap and trade just closed its doors and faded away, (went broke).

Regardless of the situation, if it’s a flood or a drought, or cold spell or a heat wave, it’s global warming. Global warming had just suffered in the recent polls, less than 23 percent of the population would take global warming seriously. It’s about time our fearless leader and his fellow comrades wake up and smell the coffee. There is no consensus of legitimate scientists of global warming, that’s wishful dreaming on Gore’s part. Global warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on our Earth.

I suggest that unbelievers check out our local library for the facts. Gore’s infamous hockey stick has now been discredited.

Ed Welge


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