Kids Care Is Important



Hello, my name is Kattie Kamps. I go to Rim Country Middle School. I’m an eighth-grader. At our school, we have to complete a citizenship portfolio; one of the documents is to write to the editor about a problem in our towns and one that may affect others in other towns or cities. The problem that I have is the reforms in the government-supported “Kids Care.”

“Kids Care” is health coverage for young children. Recently, I was under “Kids Care” for many things. One was for my back problem; another was for dental. I have extreme back pain that was keeping me in constant pain. I was in physical therapy to help with that and my posture. It helped me so much, but then recently, “Kids Care” stopped covering me and my family. No longer can I have my therapy.

Furthermore, I realize now that it has affected me, and that this is all part of cuts in our government.

I know we, as people, need our government to stop spending, but not when it affects the lives of us children.

Being without this coverage means that I will not continue to get better and the pain may return as bad as it was before.

Hopefully, government will reconsider the cuts to “Kids Care,” so children will not suffer.

Kattie Kamps


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