Payson School Board Accepts Gifts

Credit for Kids revenue off by 15 percent, but drive called success despite bad economy


Community members rallied behind their schools last year, Payson Unified School District Superintendent Casey O’Brien reported on Monday to the school board.

For starters, residents contributed $214,000 through the district’s Credit for Kids program, which takes advantage of a state tax credit for donations to schools.

Unfortunately, the amount contributed actually dropped $33,000 from last year — or about 15 percent.

However, O’Brien said he had feared the fund-raising drive that supports an array of school programs — including drama, art, music and sports —would not do nearly as well given the lingering economic problems and the district’s dwindling enrollment.

“It was a successful campaign, in light of where things stand for the community,” O’Brien told the board.

“We did well to get this much.”

In addition, the school board on Monday officially accepted donations of cash, goods and services totaling thousands of dollars.

Some of the individuals and businesses that have donated include:

• Tonto Community Concert Association, $1,875

• Club Rim, Inc. ($300, for a defibrillator at Julia Randall Elementary School (JRE)

• Wells Fargo ($280 to JRE)

• Payson Rodeo Committee ($200 to JRE)

• Halli Kinnick ($15 to Rim Country Middle School softball)

• Rim Club/Chaparral Pines Ladies ($265)

• Payson Glass ($100 to Payson Elementary School)

• Payson Glass ($100 to JRE)

• Payson Glass ($250 for RCMS)

• Payson Glass ($300 for high school sports)

• Payson Glass ($50 for PHS Band)

• Roy Haught ($100 for needy students)

• Victor & Eva Krueger ($20 for homeless students)

• Quilting Sisters (socks, shoes, underwear, homeless services)

• Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Signeski (Christmas tree, PHS lobby)

• Peggy Malecha ($200 Safeway gift cards, homeless services)

• Suzi Carr (winter coats, homeless services)

• Rondi Daglish (warm clothing & blanket, homeless services)

• Michelle Obrecht (winter coats, homeless services)

• Donna Goth (128 sweatshirts, jackets, homeless services)

• McDonald’s of AZ (gift books for all fourth-graders)

• Levena Ohl Foundation (gift books for all fourth-graders)

• Wells Fargo Foundation (gift books for all fourth-graders)

• Gila River Indian Community (gift books for all fourth-graders)

• Peabody Energy (gift books for all fourth-graders)

• Hurley Transportation Companies (gift books for all fourth-graders)


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