Pswid Needs To Rethink Its Rate Increase



With reference to your recent e-mail (editor’s note; an e-mail sent out by Pine Strawberry water improvement district president to its members). According to the last census there are 2,239 housing units and 882 households in the Pine Population Census Data. Using simple math it would appear to me that over 60 percent of the housing units were unoccupied at the time of the census.

That implies that these homeowners are part time and probably do not use water for a large number of months. Personally, my wife and I are part-time winter residents whereas these other absentees I would assume to be part-time summer residents. I would also assume that a large percentage of the 882 households would also use less than the 3,000 minimum charge, so this means that the vast majority of homeowners are now going to be paying an enormous amount of money for either zero or less than the minimum 3,000 gallons usage.

Not only that, but, if everyone is like us, most people will try to conserve on water usage. We have a household of two along with visiting guests and also have two horses which consume vast amounts of water. Despite this, we have never ever consumed the minimum 3,000 gallons.

To say that all the categories you listed would make a saving is a complete farce. What you are doing is defrauding the majority of homeowners in order to subsidize businesses and the minority of homeowners and the wasters.

You are now encouraging excessive use of water since who in their right mind is going to try and reduce their usage when they know that it makes absolutely no difference to their water bill. I would suggest that you rethink the whole plan and make those that use and/or waste the water pay for it.

James Douglas


Bernice Winandy 6 years ago

Please attend PSWID Board meetings to voice your opinions. There is one this Thursday 7:30 p.m. at the PSWID office on Hardscrabble.

To keep yourself informed when out of town, please read PSWID minutes that can be found on its website: You can also e-mail and ask to be put on waterforpinestrawberry's mailing list.

Please keep yourself and your neighbors informed.


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