Some People Just Don’T Get It



To be honest, I don’t normally read Richard Cohen’s column, but the headline: Armed culture led to massacre outside Tucson, compelled me to do so. (Arizona Republic, Opinion page, Tuesday, 1/11/11.)

Sure didn’t take him long (or others as well) to fire up the old anti-gun rhetoric.

Mr. Cohen cites statistics, such as: an average of 36,205 firearm related deaths, per year, in the U.S., between 1979 and 1997, or a total of 651,697 deaths for the 18-year period. I won’t argue his numbers, or his sources, but I would encourage him to do some additional research on his comment.

Even assuming that some of those deaths were suicides or accidents, the gun is what did it.

Well, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), more than half of the gun-related deaths were suicides, which, although very shocking, does shine a different light on the death picture. Would people contemplating suicide, change their mind if a gun wasn’t available?

During the same 18-year period that Cohen references there were 843,365 auto-related deaths, or an average of 46,854 per year. Would it be a good idea to outlaw cars too?

If the Libs are so concerned about life, how about overturning Rowe vs. Wade? We are still killing more than 800,000 unborn souls each year, for a total of more than 45 million since 1973.

How about outlawing cars, guns and scalpels?

Phil Pederson


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