Dynamic Duos: Double The Love With Pet Pairs


Sometimes the unexpected happens. Jack and Buster can tell you that from personal experience.

After an unexpected family tragedy, Jack and Buster were surrendered to the Humane Society of Central Arizona and are now awaiting a new forever home. They are a bonded pair that needs to be adopted together. Both have interesting stories.

Jack is a 7-year-old Cairn terrier, who is now a retired show dog. Buster is a 13-year-old Chihuahua mix who was once used as a bait dog for a pit bull fighting ring. When they first met, they were instant friends, and are now not only inseparable, but depend on each other for more than just companionship. Fortunately, HSCAZ was able to find a wonderful foster parent who was willing to open up her heart and home to this lucky pair. If you are interested in meeting Jack and Buster, please contact the shelter at (928) 474-5590 to make arrangements.





Another dynamic duo is Duke and Duchess. They were surrendered by their owner in December. Though they don’t need to be adopted together, these two have enjoyed each other’s company and would make a great addition to any family. They are both house and leash trained and do well with other dogs and children.





Stormy and Thunder are another charming pair found seeking shelter from the storm in a culvert near Mesa del Caballo. Adorable and outgoing, either of these two would make a perfect match for an active, outgoing family.





Keegan and Kona, brought in by Animal Control, are both educated in hand signals and basic training. These two are super-smart and would be excellent service dogs or a great companion to someone who can give them a job.

The world champion Sweet Adelines will perform at 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 5 in the Payson High School Auditorium. The show will benefit the animals of the Humane Society of Central Arizona. Tickets are still available at $20 for adults and $15 for seniors and children 12 and under and are available at Postnet, Rim Country Chamber of Commerce, Senior Center, HSCAZ Thrift Shop, HSCAZ board members and through volunteer ticket captains. For information about purchasing tickets, call the shelter at (928) 474-5590, ext. 100 or 102.

Fun Canine and Feline Facts

• The oldest reliable age recorded for a dog is 29

years, 5 months for a Queensland Heeler

called Bluey in Victoria, Australia. The

average dog lives to around 15 years of age.

• A dog’s nose is not just used for smelling, but

also to keep him cool. That’s why a dog pants.

The longer the dog’s nose, the better his

cooling system works.

• A dog needs to work off excess energy every


• People have been keeping dogs as pets for the

past 12,000 years.

• A dog’s heart beats between 70 and 120 times

a minute, compared with a human heart which

beats 70 to 80 times a minute.

• Calico cats are almost always female.

• The domestic cat is the only cat species able to

hold its tail vertically while walking. All wild

cats hold their tails horizontally or tucked

between their legs while walking.

• During her productive life, one female cat

could have more than 100 kittens. More than

35,000 kittens are born in the U.S. each year.

Spay or neuter your cat.

• Cats have 290 bones in their bodies, and 517


• The giraffe, camel and cat are the only animals

that walk by moving both their left feet, then

both their right feet, when walking. This

method of walking ensures speed, agility and


• People who own pets live longer, have less

stress, and have fewer heart attacks.


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