Pswid Actions Protested, Investigation Sought



I am writing to you (Arizona Corporation Commission) to protest the actions of the Pine/Strawberry Water Improvement District.

They have recently changed the rate structure such that those homeowners that use little or no water pay the total of the increases required for infrastructure maintenance. They now charge a minimum of $36 a month, which includes the first 3,000 gallons.

Since I am a temporary resident and board members have to be permanent residents I have no representation on what decisions are made. The majority of homeowners according to the latest U.S. Census figures are temporary residents so the Corporation Commission is about the only recourse we have to voice our disapproval.

An e-mail sent by the chairman of the board to residents details the new rate structure. Incidentally, this was sent out after the first bills using the new rate and only to those people that had registered

their e-mail address with the company.

It appears that those homeowners that use less than 3,000 gallons a month are the only ones that see an increase. This category includes all those that observe strict conservancy measures and, probably, most temporary residents.

I cannot believe that other utilities, such as gas companies and electricity companies, would be allowed to charge for a product that they do not supply.

I hope that you can investigate this matter and direct the PSWID to revise their charging system such that those that use the resource pay for it.

James Douglas


Bernice Winandy 6 years ago

As mentioned in another comment, when the Pine/Strawberry community purchased the water companies from Brooke Utilities, we were removed from the jurisdiction of the ACC. Apparently now the only place to make a complaint is with the Attorney General's office.

Please try to attend PSWID Board meetings to keep abreast of what is happening. Also, you can read the PSWID Board minutes at under documents. You can also contact waterforpinestrawberry at and asked to be put on this group's mailing list.

Please keep yourself and your neighbors informed.


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