Water Is Gold In Pine-Strawberry



Having read the recent lengthy PSWID meanderings, my displeasure is shared for consumption. We’re being told the Pine area has gone from drought to water gold in a few short months. I’m glad the new oversight has been successful to date, and I’m glad property values will be positioned for growth.

At what cost?

The rates published punish users at lowest consumption levels, documented to be the majority of water consumers. The rates allow highest water consumers no appreciable cost increase vs. what they were paying before Jan 1.

Hello? Is anyone home?

As a Pine homeowner since 1998, I’ve seen my property taxes double. My water bills over these years has never been over $22/mo. These increasing costs marching north do not position those who want to buy or sell real estate good news for the future. How about a water consumption model charging inflated amounts for those who use the most?

Or how about rates for those who live in Pine 24/7/365 and rates for weekenders? Anything appears to be better than this brand of goofy economics.

Providing “first 3,000 gallons free” is in direct conflict with this community. We’re savers, not rampant water consumers. Telling people they get something free is tantamount to telling them to turn their taps on and let the water run, after all — they’re paying for it with the inflated low consumption rates given.

Someone needs to take their basic economics class over again.

Michael Warren



None 5 years, 12 months ago

Michael, I agree with many of your comments. As a "weekender" myself, my frustration is with the lack of interest and support from other part time residents.
If part time residents want their interests to be considered, they need to participate in the process and elect board members that support their views. That has not been the case so far and now we are literally paying for it.


Bernice Winandy 5 years, 12 months ago

The latest action of the PSWID Board -- applying water rates "Effective January 1, 2011" to December statements because the bills were due in January is just plain wrong. Some people have complained to the Arizona Attorney General about this matter. Others have complained to the Gila County Board of Supervisors. If you would like to send the Board of Supervisors a letter expressing your concern, they are: Michael Pastor; Shirley Dawson both at 1400 East Ash in Globe, AZ 85501 and Tommie Cline Martin at 610 E. HWY 260 in Payson, AZ.

Stand up and be heard.

Also, please try to attend PSWID Board meetings. If you cannot attend, read meeting minutes at pswid.org under documents. You can also send an e-mail to waterforpinestrawberry@hotmail.com and ask to be placed on this group's e-mail list.

Keep yourself and your neighbors informed.


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