Residents In The North Need To Split From Southern Gila County



It seems that the northern part of Gila County is going to be mugged again by the decennial redistricting of the county. We of north Gila County are the most populous and pay more taxes and the south part gets to spend our money on their pet projects. It’s been that way for years and not likely to change.

Why haven’t the leaders of north Gila County come to the conclusion that we are not ever going to get a fair deal and therefore start proceedings to split the county into two counties? If Yuma County could be split, why not Gila County?

C.W. Smith


Joseph McVaugh 5 years, 6 months ago

I understand your concern. Something needs to be done. However I understand it was much more difficult and expensive to split LaPaz County from Yuma county than thought. I would recommend contacting LaPaz county and determining the difficulties with such a split.


Dan Haapala 5 years, 6 months ago

The problem with the La Paz split was their lack of adequate facilities in the northern part of their county and the requirement that they have them. La Paz county was the exclusive northern part of Yuma and a cash cow for their government. Sound familiar? La Paz got tired of it and decided to break away and take care of themselves. They did so by voter referendum but didn't go into detail about what was required. Az state law says you have to have a Court, Sheriff, Elections officials, Recording officials, Assessor officials and a few more 'Officials' to make sure the county runs efficiently. (many exclaim that it doesn't run efficiently now, but that's another story.) When La Paz found out, after the fact what was required they found themselves having to ask the State to help. The State did but then came up with new rules so that they wouldn't be put in that position again. Gila County is fortunate and ripe for a change because we have everything we need (less employees and what we pay them) to fulfill the requirements of the state. Globe has for years told us how much it would cost to move the County Seat to Payson because they used all the employee costs for relocation and said we couldn't afford it. We don't need them. We have unemployed to fill most all of the required positions. If we successfully won a division challenge, the buildings (which belong to the taxpayers) become ours. Staffing is the only issue. The question is where do we draw the line? And Which County would Young want to be a part of. What would the new county be named. Are we ready to create new Supervisor boundaries for the north, find representatives willing to represent us? Pay for the Election to make it happen? Deal with the legal challenges bound to come out of it? If that's what most of you want? Count me in and tell me where you want to start. This can happen.


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