So Many Homeless Children In Payson Is Heartbreaking



I cannot believe the number of homeless students now in Payson. I am too old to be of much help to any of them. I had kids all over my floor in sleeping bags when my sons were in school.

Most were kids that played sports and lived either south of Payson or east. They stayed the night and then back to school. Made it easier on parents and kids. Lots of town people kept kids. I had a few kids that needed a place to stay for various reasons and they would just come home with my boys until things worked out at home. I cannot offer any of you kids a place to live for awhile, but I can sure pick up the phone and call Senator Kyl, Jeff Flake and every other elected official in this state.

This just breaks my heart. To the adults that are thinking about taking in a child, please do so. For the kids respect the person and his home. You can never go wrong helping a child.

Debbie Button


Pat Randall 5 years, 6 months ago

Why isn't CPS helping if there are so many truely homeless kids? To me a homeless child is one who has no relatives to live with and is out in the streets. Some kids have no parents to live with because of death, or sickness. Is living with grandparents or aunts, uncles or other members of the family being homeless? I don't think so.


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