Complaints About Property Ignored By Town Officials



I just don’t understand the city’s viewpoint on the complaints that have been registered with them in regard to a property at 311 E. Juniper St. in Payson.

Absolutely nothing has been done in regard to the cleaning up or bulldozing down of this place.

The person who owns this property and one other that we know of on the corner of Wade and Manzanita, southeast corner, where, by the way, I have actually seen sheriff’s deputies with drawn guns conducting a raid on it in broad daylight while I was on my way home one day.

This place is deserted now and has been for a year or more. Weeds, garbage, furniture, an empty refrigerator left where a child could get in it, and by the way, I thought this was against the law in our state to leave a refrigerator out like that with no locks, or no attempt to keep a little child out.

I, for one, am tired of looking at this place let alone worrying about it catching on fire and burning all of us out. Why doesn’t the city do something about it when there have been complaints registered with them?

Judy Chlupsa


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