Finally Rain, But Watch Where You Walk


Rain! Finally the clouds appeared and opened up and let the rain fall.

It’s about time and so very welcome to everyone, but mostly to the very dry Tonto National Forest. I looked back through my journal from last year, 2010, and noticed that July was a very wet month for the area. It rained just about every day.

This year, so far, since July 2, it has rained just a little bit, about .43 inches so far. An average rainfall amount over several years so far is way below average. In fact, by 10-1/2 inches behind. An average for July should be about 4.28 inches of rain. Let’s hope that we can reach that amount this year.

A word of caution

People who live or hike near the creeks in our area, please be aware of the black rattlesnake.

One has been spotted and destroyed near the lower Tonto Creek. The black rattlesnake hangs around the water as opposed to the timber rattler that hangs out in a more wooded area.

The black is smaller and a bit less aggressive and usually will not strike unless stepped on and it is a bit less venomous than the timber since it is a smaller size. But don’t be fooled into thinking that most snakes are harmless, just assume that whatever kind it is, can harm you!

Remember to wear appropriate footwear when walking, no flipflops. And watch where you walk.

Annual visit

Bobbie Davis and Betty Koutz made their second trip to Hamden, Conn. to visit longtime resident of the Village, Sue Prach. Sue is recuperating from an illness and she is staying with her family.

Bobbie and Betty decided to visit her and see some of the sights of the area as well. Sue is doing very well and hopefully will be back in our neck of the woods soon.

Hellsgate Fire Department

There will be a Hellsgate Fireflies meeting on Monday, July 11 at the Tonto Village station.

The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. Karen Carlen, the administrative assistant of Hellsgate at the Star Valley station, will be the guest speaker. Karen will be discussing firewise safety measures and evacuation procedures.

Everyone is welcome to attend since all meetings are open to the public, but especially this meeting since there will be very important information that will be vital to all of us who live within the district.

The Hellsgate fire board meeting for July will be held on July 13 at the Star Valley station beginning at 5:30 p.m.

The fire board will be awarding years of service certificates to Jeffrey Yunkens, Matt Highstreet and Rick Heron. The meeting is also open to the public and all interested persons are invited to attend.


Laverne Belcher of Bear Flat celebrates her birthday on July 11. Travis Kilbourne of Tonto Village III also will add another candle to his birthday cake on July 11.

Travis is one of the newest members of the Hellsgate Fire Department. A special friend who was the first “Mom” of our departed beagle Libby, Ann Henning of Heber, will also share July 11 with Laverne and Travis.

Janice Long of Long Ranch adds another candle on her birthday cake on July 14.

Happy birthday to all of you. Here are bells, whistles and fireworks to help you celebrate your big day.

Double D happenings

The Double D gals and the Christopher Creek nine-ball players played their weekly competition at the new Landmark Restaurant and Bar in Christopher Creek last Tuesday.

Since the new Landmark is now open, the girls will divide their Tuesdays between the Double D and the Landmark. The winners were Ethel Cain, Kathy Moore and Betty Koutz.

The eight-ball competition was held on Thursday evening at the Double D. The winners were Harvey Poyner, Tim Reed and Brice Maran. Congratulations to all the winners.


Jamison Hensley 5 years, 6 months ago

Thanks for the word of caution. However, please be advised that the Arizona Black Rattlesnake (Crotalus cerberus) does have the potential to deliver a pretty devastating bite. It should also be stated, that while 13 species of rattlesnake do occupy Arizona, the Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) is NOT one of them.

There are lots of good snake sites out there than can help you accurately identify the snakes in your back yard. I'd be happy to identify them as well, if you want to email me a photo.

It is best to avoid all rattlesnakes. There have been multiple deaths already this year from people who were bitten while trying to kill rattlesnakes. These gents would still be alive, if they had simply let the snakes go on their way.

Your Snake Buddy,



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