Massage Therapist Aims To Relieve Chronic Pain

Mona Lisa Lujan recently opened Staircase Waterfall Massage Clinic off Highway 87.

Mona Lisa Lujan recently opened Staircase Waterfall Massage Clinic off Highway 87.


From Reiki, Swedish massage to Craniosacral therapy, if you have a kink there is probably a technique to fix it.

A former resident of the White Mountains says she can straighten out just about anyone with 16 years of therapeutic massage experience.

Recently, Mona Lisa Lujan opened Staircase Waterfall Massage Clinic at 1001 S. Beeline Highway, located just behind the Knotty Pine Café.

Lujan has a degree in therapeutic massage and is licensed by the state of Arizona.

“I have been in the business of massage for quite some time and have mastered various techniques,” Lujan said. “One technique in particular is the muscle release technique that combines compression, extension, movement and breath that in many cases provides relief from pain in one treatment.”

The technique can help people suffering from tennis elbow, knee pain, sore feet to chronic low back pain.

“There seems to be a mindset, a way of looking at any injury that can be very self-limiting,” she said. “For the majority of chronic pain sufferers, the answer rests in the knowledgeable and capable hands of a trained therapist.”

Beyond this one technique, Lujan is also proficient in Swedish massage, Myoskeletal Alignment, Craniosacral therapy and Reiki.

Lujan said she is excited to open a business in Payson. The attractive climate and surrounding national forests attract a high caliber of people.

For more information, call (928) 242-7009 or e-mail


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