Airport Authority Doing A Good Job



Four years ago the town of Payson gave the PRAA the authority to manage Payson Airport. During that time, this volunteer board of the Payson Regional Airport Authority has saved the town thousands of dollars.

They have improved the safety of the airport by taking control of gate access, improving U.S. Forest Service maneuverability on the airport, ensuring a safety net around the medical helicopters landing to pick up and discharge patients, increasing clear signage on the taxiways and many other improvements.

For visiting pilots coming into the airport there is reliable access to weather reporting and NOTEMS to let pilots know of any changes to the runway and taxiways. For residents of the industrial airpark there is assurance that the airplane access gate will be in working order.

Citizens telephoning with concerns and complaints are answered by Beth Myers, the airport supervisor, in a prompt and efficient manner. She has brought many groups for a tour of the airport and helped them to understand its importance to the community.

Although there has been discussion of giving the management back to the town, the Payson Town Council made a wise decision when they agreed to have the PRAA manage the airport. Let us see that continue.

Marie Fasano and Mac McCabe


Phil Van Dyke 5 years, 6 months ago

I would like the management of the airport and its costs stay in private hands. I hope that all cost are the burden of those that use the airport including paving the runway. I would guess that the airport is used by just a small segment of Payson's select population and its cost should be maintained by those few.


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