Lazy Days Of Summer Are Just Starting


Has this been true of your summer thus far? Not me.

I have had a young man come to help me one day a week. We have cleaned out two sheds, given away unwanted furniture, made a run to the landfill, torn down the dry-rotted deck, raked pine needles, cemented in a gate post, and a gazillion other jobs.

That young fellow wears me out! So I could not say that my summer has been lazy to this point. But I’m ready for a few lazy days.

And this week will mark the beginning of a few of those days. They have been forced upon me.

Ten years ago I was in an automobile wreck and came away from it with a badly, and permanently damaged, neck and back. You would think that I would learn my limitations. This week proved that I have not. The back has spoken. I am down for a few days. Ouch!

Drama camp presents a public showing

The Pine library is sponsoring Drama Camp this summer. Pattie Lawrence has been busy rehearsing 6- to 14-year-old boys and girls in a production called “The Trial of Goldilocks.”

These budding thespians will present their drama to the public at the Pine Cultural Hall at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 22. It will be a fine evening to spend in downtown Pine!

Pine-Strawberry Medical Center

Members of the community are encouraged to attend the annual meeting of the board of directors of the Pine-Strawberry Medical Center which will be held on Saturday, July 16, at 10 a.m., at the clinic, on 6152 W. Hardscrabble Mesa Rd. in Pine.  The search is on for three new members to serve three-year terms.

Please contact Mike Blaes, current board vice president, at 476-6427, weekdays for more information about the board’s efforts to maintain a local medical center.

School news

The fall school session is upon us — already! New teachers report on July 22. Returning teachers report on July 25. All staff reports on July 24, and students report on July 27.

Traditionally that means schedules will become a little more predictable and familiar routines will be reinstituted. It also means ball games, school activities, and new knowledge. I am certain the school faculty and staff are geared up and ready.

Strawberry Elite met recently

On the agenda was the August Steak Fry and the nominating committee for next year’s officers. Yummm ... a steak fry.

I am watching my e-mail for more information, folks. I will pass it along. This sounds real good. This fine organization has the best interests of the communities of Pine and Strawberry at its heart. It needs fine folks to participate, so consider the nominating committee’s pleas, as well.

Texas Hold ’em tournaments

Friends in California recently began Texas Hold ’em tournaments in their home for friends and neighbors.

I will be visiting in October and I need to learn how to play. Are there such groups here that would welcome a newbie to the fine art of poker?

I have read the online rules and such, but nothing helps learning more than jumping right in. I don’t have much of a shirt to lose, but I am game.

A disturbing event

David and Dena Small wrote me this past week about a disturbing event. Recently, their cat was killed by an arrow shot through the fence.

There were no witnesses of the dastardly deed, and there likely will not be recourse for this demented act. However, no one who owns pets ought to have to suffer through this. It is hard enough losing a pet to natural causes.

While the perpetrator of this cowardly killing is unlikely to come forward and confess, someone knows who that individual(s) is. No community has residents who are all perfect. But these deeds are not part of the community I want to live in, and likely you agree.

Make it known by your persistent acts of goodwill for all who live here, that such callous acts are not condoned.

Let that goodwill be the hallmark of living in Strawberry and Pine. Meanwhile, protect your pets.

Dena and David, you have my sincerest sympathy. My own cat just got an extra squeeze and tummy rub.

Tuesday deadlines for Friday’s column

A couple of news items did not reach me in time for the column due to not understanding the deadline. This column only appears in Friday’s paper.

The deadline for submitting information is on Tuesday. It is the “other” day of the week that the paper comes out, so that ought to be easy to remember. If your information is timely, I need to get it as soon as possible to include it at least once in the column.

That brings up the question of what is it that you would like to read about in this space? Contact me at and we can discuss the things you’d like to see offered.


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