No Free Stuff For Lawmakers



Independence Day 2011 is history, summer is definitely here, the monsoon has arrived, baseball’s all-star game will be played in Arizona, and there is still no closure on our legislators that accepted “free” tickets and/or trips to football games.

Lawmakers that took these “freebies” should either resign, be recalled (the major money perpetrator may have to face a recall election in November), or certainly not be voted back into office in the next election.

Any lawmaker not smart enough to understand what was expected of them for accepting “free” stuff isn’t intelligent enough to represent us as an elected official. Also, any legislator that “amended” their financial gift report ex post facto is just as guilty as those that still haven’t paid for their transgressions.

One thing is perfectly clear ... lawmakers that make our laws should not be breaking our laws and they should not be in a position of power to enact laws that us “regular folks” must follow.

Richard K. Meszar


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