Commitment Is Everything



In today’s tough times, I have made an effort to hire high school students during this summer, and during the year, off and on. I am getting along in years, and some chores are getting to be tougher for me than last year.

My most recent student is to become a senior this year. He was a good worker, but his dependability record was dismal. After numerous apologies for not showing up last week, he again promised to show. Did not, and I haven’t heard a steady, and was conscientious. He was pleasant and agreeable.

It’s a shame that some of our youth do not recognize responsibility and commitment when it’s in their face. Perhaps the work ethic/commitment is not of concern, but those characteristics will make a big difference in their future. Commitment is everything, and just about as sacred as your word.

I am still looking for a replacement.

J. B. Shevlin


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