Mountain Bike Race Is Two Weeks Away


Miss and Ma’am

Getting older comes with all sorts of different baggage. It happened again this past week.

I think it is the gray hair. This is not a “guy” problem, however. How unfair! Do you know how some store clerks in their effort to be polite and not knowing your name, will use “Miss” or “Ma’am” or even worse “Miz”?

I think I have it figured out. “Miz” is not a “politically correct” title when marital status is uncertain. That one really grates me. However, that is not the point of this rant. When I was younger and my hair was darker, I was most often referred to as “Miss.” Somehow as I grew older, it changed to “Ma’am.”

Wonder why this is?

Mountain Bike Race

It’s almost here! Just two weeks away! We are blessed to have many fun events in our cozy mountain hamlets.

The Fire on the Rim Mountain Bike Race on Aug. 6 will be a first-time event. The trails are cleared and all of the contingent efforts are ongoing, and if you haven’t yet volunteered to help, it’s not too late.

There are posters all over town and a big banner overhead in Pine. Get on board. This one is for us.

Keeping the fire risk down benefits all of us and the Fire on the Rim race helps us raise the money it takes to do just this.

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes

Pine and Strawberry are recognized as trailheads.

That means we are a starting place for folks that want to explore the many trails around and through the forests.

We have all seen the many motorcyclists enjoy our curvy roads and found them parked at our eateries to refuel the body. And we will soon meet the mountain bike racers.

There are also folks who ride the two-wheel, non-motorized variety. They are much slicker than the ones I grew up with, and the costumes are colorful, high tech, and snug fitting, far from the metal pant leg clips I thought were so cool.

I met three of them in front of the Strawberry Market the other day. They had ridden from Camp Verde. Camp Verde?

That is some serious uphill riding. After they removed their helmets and slaked their thirst, they grinned and remarked, “Man, you really ought to promote that ride. It’s awesome.” Did I mention it is also uphill? Got to admire that tenacity.

Solution for the dog days of summer

Are you tired of staying at home, staring at the walls? 

Come on down to the community center/dining hall. After a home-cooked meal, you can choose from the following events to fill your afternoons: Monday: poker or farkle; Tuesday: canasta; Wednesday: pinochle; Thursday: bingo, classic movie shown; and Friday: poker or bridge. If none of these interest you, there are also board games and good conversation available.

The dining hall is nice and cool, for this time of the year. Hmmm ... farkle? That’s not like Texas Hold ’em, is it?

Drama Camp presents a public showing

Tonight is the night! The Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library’s Drama Camp will be presenting “The Trial of Goldilocks” at 4:30 p.m., Friday, July 22 at the Pine Cultural Hall.

The public is invited. I can’t help but think this rendering of the fairy tale is a Paul Harvey edition. You know, the rest of the story.

Eagerly anticipated or gloomily dreaded

School starts on Wednesday, July 27. Enjoy the year, kids. Lots to learn, lots to do, lots to enjoy. Take your pick, or better, choose them all.

Life’s changes

As many of you know, one of the many hats I wear is that of pastor.

This past week I welcomed a new call to a different congregation. I will be leaving Strawberry.

The time frame is in as little as a month, perhaps a little more.

The column needs a new writer. There were several interested persons when this fun gig fell in my lap. Now is the time to step up again and let Tom Brossart at the Roundup know of your interest.

No matter if you expressed an earlier interest, if you’d like to give this a try, contact Tom at the paper. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these missives.

I am honored that many of you let me know you have enjoyed reading them. Thank you.

Meanwhile, keep sending your items to


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