Officer’S Performance Was Disorderly And Demonstrated Disloyalty To Citizens Of Payson



I have been a director of human resources for 40 years and I must say I was horrified reading the article about some of our town’s police officers.

More importantly however, is the lack of proper disciplinary action for the conduct demonstrated by these officers. Demotions? You have one officer who was demoted with a reduction in pay and placed on probation for a year?

Please, this comes after having five previous disciplinary warnings? There must be a stricter policy for disregard to appropriate behavior required for police officers, rather than five counts of “don’t do this again,” or “I really mean it this time” — what is the thought process for this type of behavior?

Even our own Payson Police Department mission statement states “provide the highest quality of police services to our community.”

And both of these officers are members of the elite special response teams, which reads, “selected for possessing skills and attributes that fit the Missions of the Team and the Police Department.” Makes you wonder what the standards really are?

Termination of employment is never a pleasant step for any employer, including “public services” that the taxpayers pay for, however, how many times do you allow total neglect of the standards of conduct that our town is entitled to have in its law enforcement officers?

The officer’s performance was disorderly and demonstrated disloyalty to the citizens of Payson.

Marti Meyers


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