Outraged Officer Was Not Fired



I am absolutely outraged that Officer LaManna was not fired for the blatantly unprofessional behavior he has continually displayed.

Sexting, relationship with an informant (while married), attending public functions with an informant, public drunkenness, sharing confidential police information with his spouse, etc. It does not matter that all these ethical errors were committed when he was “off duty.”

Does he really expect anyone to respect him or his badge after all this?

Officers are held to a higher standard. If he doesn’t like that he should resign his position. I’m sure there is a morally upstanding citizen who would love to make $24.45 an hour to provide service, not dishonor, to this community. Shameful!

Karen Feutz


Douglas daCosta 5 years, 6 months ago

This officer needs to be fired immediately! How can the citizens have any confidence in this person carrying a badge let alone a weapon? I'm quite certain he was armed during his public drunkeness. His simple demotion and paycut is simply pathetic and shows an absolute lack of leadership in our public domain. It's pretty scary when our legal authorities enjoy a completely different standard of accountability where the law is concerned.


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