Separation Of Church And God



Recently Gov. Rick Perry of Texas called for a public day of prayer and fasting, prompting criticism from First Amendment watchdog groups, atheists, and the Houston Clergy Council.

I applaud his efforts and wished both politicians and ministers would do likewise. The primary reason why Gov. Perry is under attack, is that all these groups are ignorant of both U.S. law and biblical principles, basically one in the same. The primary purpose of attacking men of faith like the governor is ignorance and apathy, which I blame lackluster, ear-tickling, unfaithful ministers. The atheists have great enthusiasm in their ideology, while ministers lack love and backbone in sharing their faith.

The church is dying because of a lack of enthusiasm, prayer and fasting. There is no separation of church and state for it is not found anywhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, but there is a clear separation of the church from God as evidence in Gov. Perry’s criticism from the Clergy Council showing a lack of love and mercy from the church.

Jeff Durbin


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