Time To Address Water Issue


Star Valley has clearly reached the point where they need a compass — to figure out which point on the endless horizon they should choose as a destination for their water issues.

Clearly, the town’s biggest problem remains the very real chance that aging septic tanks may eventually cause widespread contamination of the town’s network of shallow, mostly privately owned wells. The town council hasn’t figured out how to deal with that problem, but at least it’s finally on the radar screen.

Moreover, the town’s relationship with Brooke Utilities poses another set of challenges. The council has to decide whether to accept Payson’s offer to sell several wells that tap into the Star Valley aquifer as councilors worry that an easement dispute could prevent access to those wells — and that Brooke Utilities’ grant of a monopoly from the Arizona Corporation Commission will make those wells useless. All good questions. Of course, it seems like those questions have hovered over the town’s water future for the past two years — without visible signs of progress.

But never mind. At least the council’s now asking the right questions — and that’s half the battle.

So we hope that the thoughtful, careful discussion at the study session marks the start of a new phase.

But then, you can sit in your life raft all day arguing about which way’s north. But you are still going to have to grab a paddle, pick a direction and work up some blisters before the fresh water runs out.


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