Holding The Spending Line


Money — “More of it please” — seems to be the cry of nearly every organization and government agency.

The cry for more money comes despite the high unemployment and reduced spending by most Americans who are trying hard to keep their family budget floating in the black.

The Payson Town Council has been forced to reduce the money it has given in the past to many good and well-meaning organizations. When the town was flush with development money it was easy to give a few thousand here and tens of thousands there to organizations. The funding spigot was flowing fast and hard. Then it all came crashing down with the recession. The money from impact fees, along with sales taxes and other revenue sources the town of Payson was addicted to was withdrawn cold turkey.

Many town departments and community organizations had to face a cut in funds. The increases that came routinely were no longer available. The Payson Town Council this past week had to deny the Humane Society of Central Arizona’s request for a 25 percent increase in support. The same action was taken with the contracts to operate the visitors center and senior center.

When your income is just ahead of writing that next check it is hard to increase payments to anyone. Hopefully the new interests being show by various businesses, which was reported to the council last week, will produce new economic growth for the greater Payson area. Landing a four-year college is key to the Rim Country’s economic growth. And if it is not ASU, then some other college or university needs to be approached and soon.

The town council was correct in holding the funding line for the humane society, the visitors center and the senior center. When and if the money starts flowing, then maybe increased funding for those important activities can be reviewed. But until then, we applaud the council for keeping its funding in line with its income. Now if the federal government could just do the same thing.


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