Traveling Fs 512 Is Dangerous, Improvements Would Be Welcome



I looked up the “Desert to the Tall Pines,” FS 512, the Web page mentioned that the residents of Young were mostly retired folks who really are not interested in improvements on FS 512. This is incorrect, we the residents, would truly appreciate some improvements such as enough material on the road to do a proper grading.

Traveling along the 512 is dangerous. The potholes and washboard conditions allow most anyone to lose control of their vehicle.

The 512 is currently being maintained by the P.V. road crew to the county specs. It is not our road crew doing a poor job, it’s the county and Forest Service that will not allow the crew to do a proper grading because there is nothing to grade.

The residents of Pleasant Valley would gladly accept better road conditions. However it does not appear that the administrative agencies in charge believe this is necessary.

Mrs. G. McCall


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