Finding The Perfect Pet



As I read my Friday Roundup I am saddened to find two ads for puppies for sale. In times like these when millions of homeless animals are being killed in shelters all over our country, including our local shelter, I, for one, find it disturbing that some people still find it acceptable to use little animals as a way to make money. In my opinion if these people are so fond of a particular breed of dog, they should care enough for the breed to be a rescue source for the many homeless animals of that breed.

Each pure breed has a rescue associated with it that works tirelessly with foster homes, volunteers and shelters to find homes for their breed. In these very tough economic times, many people who once had enough money to make payments on a home and buy a purebred animal have been forced to give up on both. Their home is on the market and their pets are in shelters, pounds or a rescue if they are lucky.

My point is, if you are in the market for a purebred dog or cat, before you line a breeder’s pocket with cash, do a little research and I’m willing to bet you will find the perfect pet just waiting for a second chance at life that is just the breed you are looking for. Don’t breed for greed.

Lisa Boyle


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