Let Congressmen Know What You Think



Our representatives in Congress are elected by the people of their districts to act as our voice in congressional matters. For the most part, members of Congress seem to forget what their responsibilities are to their constituents.

Perhaps we are not doing enough to inform these legislators of our ideas of what they should be doing on our behalf.

Each district (or state) is made up mostly of liberals and conservatives; therefore, if the liberals write more letters to advance their ideas then our leaders should be more considerate toward a liberal agenda. I’m a conservative and therefore wish for the conservative agenda.

The thing is that we all should let our representatives know what we think should be our country’s role politically. It would be nice if our leaders would send us (or post in the local newspaper) a survey form for our ideas of what’s happening in Congress.

When writing or contacting them, you can say pretty much what you want, but be truthful and do not use cuss words or other debilitating remarks.

C.W. Smith


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