Officers Losing Trust Of Citizens



How ironic that we have two front page articles in the Roundup (Tuesday, July 19) highlighting problems of sexual crime being committed in Payson!

One article expresses deep concern over “widespread reports of sexual violence and harassment in our schools.” The other one reports a demotion for another one of our police officers, Josh LaManna, for sex crimes. (The first officer to be demoted was Donald Garvin.)

One article quotes a school board member as From page 4A

saying, “If there is abuse taking place, if there is violence taking place, it needs to be turned over to law enforcement and they need to do the investigation.”

The question that comes to mind is, who would be assigned to such a case, LaManna or Garvin?

All I can say is a big amen to the editorial, “Behavior of police officer is outrageous.” The editor insightfully underscores the loss of trust that honest and honorable officers will suffer because of the wrist-slapping punishment received by the two offending officers.

The police are supposed to be models for our children. Neither LaManna nor Garvin is worthy to be a policeman in our town.

Ray Ruetz


None 5 years, 6 months ago

The problem is the Chief of Police! He needs to be replaced!


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