Copper Mine Would Be Good For Arizona


On May 5, the Payson Tea Party invited Rod Pace, CEO of Rosemont Copper, to discuss a proposed open pit mine southwest of Tucson.

Pace requested the assistance of all Arizona citizens to support the mine because it will help reduce unemployment in the state, at the same time putting millions back into the economy.

Pace expects the mine to bring 2,100 jobs to the Pima County area, 800 jobs, direct and indirect, to Arizona and another 1,300 to the U.S., with average wages $60,000 annually.

The mine will pay $19 million in local taxes, $32 million Arizona taxes and $128 million to the federal government a year.

In addition, being a new, low-water use project, the mine’s costs are low, at 65 cents per pound of copper.

Unfortunately for Rosemont Copper, 33 government bureaucracies are standing in the way of the project rather than assisting it.

Anyone who cares to put pressure on these officials, to get busy putting people to work, might remind them that although they have secure employment, there are many people who do not have employment and these bureaucrats are holding these careers in abeyance. Who gave them such authority?

The major obstructionists are the U.S. Forest Service and the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

Pace pointed out that the U.S. imports more than one-third of its copper when it has plenty in the ground.

Rosemont is fortunate to be in a limestone-based area so officials do not anticipate problems with acid reaching their low-water use, separation area. Rosemont has plans for continuous reclamation, so there won’t be a lengthy, post closure expense period.

The total investment for the project is roughly $1 billion and involves about 1,500 contractors.

Write to the Coronado National Forest Supervisor’s Office, Jim Upchurch-Forest Supervisor, 300 W. Congress St., Tucson, AZ 85701 if you support this project.


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