Don’T Let Governor Cut Caregiver Hours



I am a caregiver for an elderly disabled man in his mid 60s. The funding for the care he desperately needs simply to survive is received through the Department of Developmentally Disabled. Our governor, Jan Brewer, is now trying to take money from that program, as if stealing it from our educators was not bad enough.

As it is, I am barely able to make ends meet, yet Gov. Brewer wants to decrease things?

There are two types of hours for my job: attendant care hours are my normal hours (of which there are only 26 per week) and then there are respite hours to be used at the discretion of the primary caregiver (in my case, my client’s sister), they are hours to give her a break. Currently she is only given 720 hours per year to use; last year the majority of them were used when she had emergency surgery. This year she is facing two more surgeries. So without those respite hours, my client will end up being placed in temporary housing with a bunch of strangers and I will be out of work until she returns.

Gov. Brewer is proposing to cut those hours in half from 720 to 360 per year. On top of that, she is trying to get our (minimal to start with) wages cut by 5 percent.

On behalf of these people, who have already had a lifetime of suffering and desperately need this funding to get the best care possible, I am asking ALL of you to please stand up for these precious disabled people and vote no on Gov. Brewer’s proposal to make cuts in the funding to the D.D.D.

Unfortunately, as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. If these cuts go through you will end up losing the best of the best, the ones who do this because they truly care. And you will end up with people who just need a job and may not give these people the care and compassion that they truly need to be able to just simply function in this life.

I personally know of an endless list of people that are completely appalled by this proposal and totally against it. I can and will, if needed, get a petition against this proposal to show just how many voters are against it.

Jeremy S. Hammer


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