Reader Is Glad To Know Cc Hasn’T Changed Much


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

I got another nice letter in response to last week’s article about one of the memorable locals. This is the letter I received:

I enjoyed the account in Friday’s Payson Roundup of the good folks of Christopher Creek. It reminded me of how my family fell in love with Rim Country and although we now have a cabin in Rim Trail and love it here, Christopher Creek was where we actually fell in love.

It was June 1984 and I was taking my eldest daughter to Girl Scout camp at Shadow Rim Ranch and my mother-in-law, her Jack Russell and the 2 little sisters were set to explore after we dropped Sarah off.

We lost the oil pan on our Ford Pinto on Control Road (before the Dude Fire and the road improvements). We limped into Christopher Creek and the guys at the then Chevron station (Red’s, I believe) said the replacement pan would have to come up from Phoenix. We checked into the Christopher Creek Lodge, my husband borrowed a car and came up with the pan plus steaks, salads, a coconut cream pie and his guitar. We cooked on the grills out back and the children were in Heaven.

It was a memorable weekend, totally unplanned and the best example I can think of about making lemons into lemonade. After that, we came up every summer and I know our daughters look back on that weekend as one of their best ever. Thank you, Christopher Creek! It’s nice to be able to look back to those happy, simpler times and know that Christopher Creek hasn’t really changed that much.

— Chris Lindsay

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Thanks again for reading the column.


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