Elected Officials Need To Support Minerals Policy Act



Rim Country residents know the important role that mining played in rural Arizona.

Our hardrock mining industry has helped create communities, provide jobs, and provide our state with a valuable resource. As a former mine worker, I want to stress how important it is that we continue to support this industry. A recent bill in Congress called the Minerals Policy Act of 2011 is a bi-partisan bill that ensures mining is around for generations to come, and that it is well equipped to play a vital role in key issues such as alternate energy production and mineral exports.

I sincerely hope our elected officials support this bill. Mining is one of the few industries that has been around for the entire 100 years we’ve been a state. Let’s make sure it’s around for another hundred.

Harold Alston


None 5 years, 7 months ago

Arizona no longer supports mining. The legislature recently eliminated the historic and top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and its self supporting K-12 science education programs. They are spending millions to convert the building into another Arizona Historical Society museum. complete details are available on http://minmumad.blogspot.com


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