Forest Fires In White Mountains Are Really Pretty Scary


The forest fires are pretty darn scary. Do you know what to do in case of evacuation, or how to make your property firewise this season?

There is a pamphlet out called “Living With Wildfire” published by The U.S. Forest Service.

The pamphlet can be picked up at the Payson Ranger Station.

There are Web sites with more information on how to enhance the protection of your community from wildfires. They are:, www.Firewise .org, wise/

There are 10 firefighters from Hellsgate Fire Department on the fires:

Jeffery Yunkans, Captain Wisner, Raymond Rodriguez and Dale Hayes are on the Horseshoe II Fire.

Chief Hatch, Bobby Mollere, Bob Evanson, Bobbie Doss and JR Szabo are fighting the Wallow Fire.

Chad Stluka and Trey Shill from the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Department have also gone to the Wallow Fire.

Engineer Bill Dupke of Diamond Point is manning station #22 in Tonto Village while Engineer Yunkans is on the Horseshoe forest fire. Thank you Bill for filling in.

There are still no open fires allowed in the Tonto National Forest and target practice is also not allowed.

There have been many campers who have ignored the restrictions, making it twice as hard for the residents who live in the forest to help keep it safe from forest fires.

Do not confront the violators, take a picture of their license plate and a picture of the campfire, then call 911.

New Building

Exciting news for the Snyder family. Work has begun on adding a garage to our house. Duane Long of Long Ranch and Steve Sweet of Ellison Creek Estates have started on the foundation part of the garage.

The addition will be so much appreciated this winter when my car will not have to be dug out of the snow and I can bring my groceries right into my pantry.

Hellsgate Fireflies

The June meeting was held at the Star Valley station on Monday with 15 members attending.

The meeting room is so much bigger than the meeting room at the Tonto Village station.

The Fireflies will try to hold another meeting or two at the Star Valley station this year. The Fireflies are going to be increased with accepting five new members.

Each chairperson made their reports of the committees with suggestions and comments for a better fund-raiser. There was not a final accounting yet money-wise, but preliminary figures show that the breakfast was better than last year.

The next meeting of the Fireflies will be on Monday, July 11 at the Tonto Village station . The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. This is a change in the time, so be sure to make note of the different time.

Penny Wells, chairperson for the upcoming cookbook, is asking for recipes. The cookbook will be called, “Fireflies Can Cook” with recipes like “oldies but goodies,” “fast and easy,” etc. There will also be a section called “Domino Divas” with potluck selections. All recipes should be e-mailed to

Art Class

The art class usually held on Tuesday afternoons at the Tonto Village Chapel has been temporarily canceled until further notice.

Birthdays, Anniversaries

Happy belated anniversary wishes to Duane and Janice Long of Long Ranch. They were married 14 years ago on June 7.

On June 12, Vicki Grootegoed of Christopher Creek celebrates her birthday.

Vicki is an avid domino player with the Domino Divas and an honorary member of the Fireflies.

Vicki is a very talented gal with quilting. She has made some wonderful looking quilts and has donated a few of them for a raffle item for the Fireflies. Vicki is a vital part of the community.

Double D Doings

There was no competition last Tuesday evening, but there was on Thursday evening. The winners playing eight-ball were John Watson, Ethel Cain and Tim Reed.


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