Windy Weather Leads To Music Trivia Question


As I’m writing this week’s music trivia column, I’m looking out our front window watching the wind whip the lithe branches of the willow trees and the whitecaps lap the shores of Green Valley’s lake and I’m thinking — when is this wind going to end?

And I know I’m not alone in thinking this way. Mother Nature’s puffing and puffing has been a common topic lately. I hear people using the words “awful,” “terrible” and “miserable” when talking about our Rim Country wind that really does seem to be stronger than ever this spring.

But maybe we should take a step back and ask ourselves if the 20 to 30 mile per hour winds of the past several months have really been that awful, or that terrible or that miserable.

I would imagine that if we ask the folks in Oklahoma and Missouri, who have seen their houses leveled to the ground or have lost loved ones to the 200 miles per hour tornados or ask the Louisiana folks who lived through the violent winds and flooding of Hurricane Katrina, they just might describe our windy Rim Country days with much wimpier adjectives.

Our windy weather leads me right into this week’s music trivia question, which is: Can you name the music group that sang the 1960s hit, “Windy?”

This six-member pop group from Los Angeles started in 1965 with the breakup of one of the first folk-rock ensembles called, “The Men.”

What was originally an 11-member singing group, ultimately became a six-man band.

The group’s smooth harmonies and pop-oriented sound (which occasionally moved into psychedelia and, much more rarely, into a harder, almost garage-punk vein) made them regular occupants of the pop charts from 1966 to 1969.

Along with “Windy,” which topped Billboard’s pop chart for four weeks in the late (and probably windy) spring of 1967, this all-male group also scored top 10 hits with “Along Comes Mary,” “Cherish” and “Never My Love.”

Is this band A) The Organization, B) The Association, C) The Agency or D) The Company?

If you’re the sixth caller and have the correct answer, you’ll win a CD of your choice — your favorite artist or favorite mix, whichever you choose.

Now, let’s see how we did with last week’s music trivia question: Can you name the country singer who has always been Candyce Kain’s favorite artist? Candyce and her band performed at last Saturday’s Concert Under the Stars at Green Valley Park and was featured in last week’s music trivia column. Is this singer-actress A) Faith Hill, B) Suzy Bogguss, C) Reba McEntire or D) Janet Kain?

The correct answer was Reba McEntire.

Faith Hill and Suzy Bogguss are also contemporary country music stars, having achieved success in the 1990s and 2000s. Janet Kain is Candyce’s proud mother.

Congratulations to this past week’s music trivia winner, 86 years young, Viv Nilson, who for her correct answer won a copy of Candyce’s debut album, “Kickin’ Up Dust.”

A little about Viv. She was born in the small town of Graysville, Ill. In the fourth grade, she moved with her family to mid-state Bloomington.

After graduating from Normal Community High School, her family moved to Scottsdale, where Viv spent many of her working years employed as both a legal and bank secretary.

Later in her career, Viv answered the call of the wild and her friends and moved to Colorado.

It wasn’t long thereafter that one of Viv’s good friends set her up on a blind date with Jan, a co-worker in the mortuary business. A night of dancing at the local country club in Denver was enough for Viv to know that Jan was the man for her.

They were married for 23 years until Jan passed away 10 years ago. Viv described her Norwegian-born husband as “the most handsome man both inside and outside that I’ve ever known.”

Following Jan’s death in 2001, Viv moved to Payson. She now enjoys a relaxed lifestyle — reading, socializing with friends and singing karaoke at the Elks Lodge on Friday evenings. She is a former volunteer at the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Payson Senior Center.

Viv’s favorite music is big band and classic country. She puts Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Alan Jackson on top of her favorite artists list.

Lastly, new pictures I’ve added to my Web site are from last Friday night’s Relay for Life walk held at Payson High School.

The 12-hour event brought out hundreds of local and surrounding community adults and children, walking to help raise money for the American Cancer Society, pay tribute to those who have lost the battle to cancer and give hope to those who have survived this horrible disease.

Have a great week ahead. And try to stay out of this “awful” wind.

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