The End Of A Great U.S.?



Our country will not survive as a great nation unless all socialist idea is squashed (eliminated). This would mean the termination of all socialist programs. Examples are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid B & D, national welfare programs, and any educational interference by the U.S. government. The education of children is a state’s responsibility.

The majority of our present educators is extremely liberal and is teaching our students socialism/communism and no one in the U.S. government is voicing an objection.

It is my thinking that our elected officials are selling the U.S. people out. It seems that the longer the members of Congress are in office the more destructive to our country and freedom they become.

The U.S. needs term limits for our congressional members (12 years maximum). No medical insurance or retirement plans paid by the government (our taxes). Their pay is more than adequate to pay for these personal expenses.

If our way of life, liberty and freedom is to continue; drastic measures by our politicians have got to be enacted now and not next week or next month. Please help to wake up our politicians by contacting them with your idea for a better and lasting U.S future.

C.W. Smith


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